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Help them Grow or Watch Them Go

Julie Winkle Giulioni and Beverly L. Kaye

The last of our coaching books for a while, Help Them Grow or Watching Them Go by Julie Winkle Giulioni and Beverly L. Kaye is a bit less spicy than the last books I’ve read on coaching but worthwhile nonetheless. In this Bitchin’ Books for Business segment, I discuss some useful and impactful points in this book, including the main concept that developing your people looks different for everyone, and is more about quality conversations than anything else. The authors recommend that the conversations happen in ‘real time’ and in the natural flow of work, in smaller chunks rather than always being contained in an annual planning meeting. Growing in place is another concept discussed at length, which I appreciate as I run a very small company where upward mobility isn’t a reasonable or worthy expectation (growth looks more like eating a bit more pumpkin pie every year at Thanksgiving). Enjoy this quote-filled segment, until next time!

Until next time, bitches!

XOXO Torre

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