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The Great Game of Business

by Jack Stack (Segment 1)

Welcome to the explicit virtual business book club you’ve all been waiting for! Y’all I read so many books. This is sort of new, though.

You see, at the beginning of the year when I was purging clothes and books to feel like my life had more ‘white space’ in it (what can I say, I’m a designer), I realized there was so much knowledge in the unread books I had on my shelf that could help me run my business better, and I couldn’t part with them until they had been read. Enter BITCHIN’ BOOKS FOR BUSINESS, the brainchild of my obsessive thirst for knowledge, salty sense of humor, explicit vocabulary, and desire for a like-minded community. In this first segment, I talk about the concept behind the series a bit, and then dive into a section in The Great Game of Business by Jack Stack and talk about how it sat with me and how I’ve translated it as a lesson for my web agency.

Until next time, bitches!

XOXO Torre

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